The SECRET Ingredients of SHAKLEE  

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The 6 Reasons WHY Dr. Bruce B. Miller Endorsed with Shaklee Corporation.

  1. The products are in harmony with NATURE
  2. The products are created by NATURE and perfected by SCIENCE
  3. They disintegrate in adequate time for ABSORPTION
  4. The excellence of the Shaklee Corporation is wisely RECOGNIZED
  5. Absorption is PROVEN
  6. Shaklee's studies have been accepted for publication in noted SCIENTIFIC JOURNALS

Dr. Bruce merupakan pihak ketiga yang membuat kajian tentang produk-produk Shaklee.

Segala hasil kajian ke atas produk Shaklee memang tak 'bias' dan dah diterbitkan di dalam pelbagai jurnal sejak sekian lama dulu.

Jurnal adalah bahan rujukan samada oleh saintis atau orang biasa. Makanya kajian yang dibuat semestinyalah kena telus dan tepat.

Dalam banyak-banyak syarikat pengeluaran supplement kenapa beliau pilih Shaklee? 😊

"Shaklee was born from Science" 😉

Source : Buku A Better Health Series  : The Shaklee Difference by Dr. Bruce B. Miller

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